Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This article is a heads up to the cloud computing concept introduced in .NET 4.0

"Azure" is project name from Microsoft for Cloud Computing. They are going to introduce this from the upcoming version of .NET Framework 4.0. It might make a dramatic changes in the existing Web applications.

Through Cloud computing Microsoft targets for platform independency in their applications.
That is Each web can communicate to any other servers directly.

Advantages for ASP.NET applications:
Following are the advantages of ASP.NET applications by implementing Cloud computing.

1) Cost cutting - Both the small & large scall organizations can implement this.
2) More storage for Data.
3) Mobilitiy of Data - Data can be moved to any kind of servers(e.g Data can easily moved to Unix based machine from Windows).
4) More advantages on BCP(Disaster recoverty etc) plans

By the implementation of Cloud computing, the Web application will give the same level of performance even the traffic to the site is at the peak.


Following jobs will be very hectic by the implementation of Azure.

1) Implementation of session
2) Implementation of authentication
3) System Integration.
4) Migration of existing application

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